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Main new features of SGIA portal

06 April 2016

Sinergia firmly believes in its products and invests resources and capital to improve continuously their performances in order to offer its customers tools, which allow generate profits consistently over time.

The new version of SGIA portal (portal for the simplification of the Business Integrated Management Systems, in Italian “portale per la semplificazione dei Sistemi di Gestione Integrati Aziendali”), shows many innovations and an effective performance improvement.

The features that have been introduced, concern two tools of SGIA suite:

1. Legislative Schedule: it is the tool that allows you, by sending personal e-mails, to keep deadlines under control. Those deadlines, if untreated within the prescribed time, could lead to an increase in costs and / or to get fines and penalties for your company. It is a fundamental tool to comply with the legislation.

Now the timetable setting has been redesigned in order to increase its functionality and speed:

  • Have been included searching options that allow to filter information in few seconds, in an agile and intuitive manner;
  • The new “automatic-grid” structure, it is perfectly optimized for SGIA screen size, becoming accessible also from mobile devices;
  • Has been inserted a latest generation window for requirements insertion and modification in a practical and quick manner.

2. Improvement Measures: it is the tool that allows you to manage the improvement in your company, it is the solution to digitize your management systems, (Quality ISO 9001; Environment ISO 14001; Health and Safety OHSAS 18001; etc.…) and to solve the nonconformities. Through the establishment of preventive actions, it is possible to act proactively about problems that could arise, while taking corrective actions it is possible to effectively treat the raised issues. With the section “My work schedule”, it is possible to keep under control actions that every manager needs to perform in order to achieve prefixed goals.

Now the section of improvement actions provides the users a greater flexibility while entering the information, allowing filling in the windows in less time. Using the optional fields is possible to insert the manager and the secondary supervisors and to estimate the activity execution time.

SGIA is the solution developed by Sinergia for the Risk Management and the Improvement of Business Performance that allows to manage in a lean way legal risks, improvement actions, documents management and recordings.

Sinergia offers its customers a practical and efficient system, which is constantly updated with new features. SGIA aims at the essential and offers customized content according to customer needs.

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