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Conosci Sinergia

SINERGIA Improvements projects

We are a company providing services to private enterprises, institutions and public administrations, based in Pesaro.

Passion, expertise and concrete approach are our driving forces, which have allowed us to establish ourselves in the last ten years as partners for all those who, in this great change of economic paradigm, want to remain competitive.

“…Managing only for profit is like playing tennis with your eye on the scoreboard and not on the ball.” (cit. Kenneth Blanchard e Norman Vincent Peale)

Sinergia pays attention to the results, but also in the way in which they are achieved. Whoever carries out a work aiming only to the short-term monetary profit, may not achieve the most important objective: make profits over time and on an ongoing basis.

Sinergia was born on 10th January 2005, by the union of two great “forces”:

  • Technology (know-how)
  • Management (the art of doing things well)

Since then we are constantly committed in aggregating new “forces” in order to enrich and enhance the add-value of our services to customers: this is the meaning of Sinergia. Our add-value is to offer an integrated approach creating mixed teams (customers, consultants and partners) through which we offer and lead the project managing the change until the objective is reached.

Sinergia is a Business Management Company founded in January 2005 by professionals with ten-year’ experience operating in improving the competitiveness of private companies and public administrations through multidisciplinary approaches: strategic planning, programming and control, and computerization.


We help customers to improve their competitiveness. We promote projects and continuous improvement processes in every organization, for each person and we provide a Sinergia-solution for each of them.

Sinergia recognises itself in the values of Good Business*, which are:

  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Respect for human life;
  • Staff satisfaction;
  • Respect for the ecosystem;
  • Satisfaction of other interested parties.

Sinergia ensures an increase in its costumers’ profits mainly through an increment in sales and/or a reduction of waste.