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The history

23 October 2014
Published in Conosci Sinergia

Sinergia is a Business Management Company founded in January 2005 by professionals with ten-year’ experience operating in improving the competitiveness of private companies and public administrations through multidisciplinary approaches: strategic planning, programming and control, and computerization.

Within few years, Sinergia has been able to offer to private companies and public administrations “turn-key projects” to promote their efficiency through projects of Strategic Planning, Business Organisation, Coaching, and computerization.

Sinergia from the first year of operation was already able to be a sufficiently profitable company for its members, a company that offers its customers valuable services and able to compete on price with other consulting firms.

Sinergia straddles the opportunity given by the crisis proving to be a solvent company with a robust structure and knowledgeable personnel, who loves his work; this has allowed a steady increase of revenues and profits over the years.

Sinergia launches in 2013, with the GI Group, “Giorvani Imprenditori” of “Confindustria di Pesaro e Urbino”, the project “E se funzionasse?” from which the initiative that has given the chance to other aspiring entrepreneurs to get in touch with who has already done the "step" before them is born. This project, which is completely free, aims to put in contact the aspiring entrepreneur with a network of entrepreneurs, financiers and professionals able to support the new entrepreneur in the realization phase of the entrepreneurial idea.

Also in 2013, Sinergia takes part in the Career Day at Università di Urbino, presenting itself as a successful company, speaking on “SERVICES, PROJECTS AND FUNDINGS IN SUPPORT OF ENTREPRENEURIAL IDEAS” Coordinated by the Prof. Giacinto Cenerini (intervention of Massimiliano Londei, Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori Confindustria and the director of Sinergia about the project “E se funzionasse?”) and seeking enterprising and determined young university students to form a cohesive team that accepts the challenge of an ICT project for the management of legal risks in organizational terms.

In preparation for the tenth anniversary, Sinergia in 2014 launches the second phase of the project “E se funzionasse? 2014” and takes again part in the Career Day at Università di Urbino.

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