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Sinergia al CareerDay 2018

Published in Eventi
09 April 2018

Sinergia parteciperà mercoledì 16 maggio 2018 al Career Day che si terrà presso l’Università Politecnica di Ancona, Facoltà d'ingegneria polo Monte Dago - Via Brecce Bianche 12.

Lo scorso 01 Marzo, SINERGIA ha partecipato per conto del suo committente COMUNE DI FANO (PU) all’evento di lancio del progetto GreenFEST, acronimo di Green Festivals and Events through Sustainable Tenders, tenutosi a Roma presso lo Spazio Europa, gestito dall'Ufficio d'informazione in Italia del Parlamento europeo e dalla Rappresentanza in Italia della Commissione europea.

Sinergia firmly believes in its products and invests resources and capital to improve continuously their performances in order to offer its customers tools, which allow generate profits consistently over time.

The new version of SGIA portal (portal for the simplification of the Business Integrated Management Systems, in Italian “portale per la semplificazione dei Sistemi di Gestione Integrati Aziendali”), shows many innovations and an effective performance improvement.

Si è svolto il 13 marzo 2015 il convegno dal titolo "Il ruolo della responsabilità sociale di impresa RSI" Dobbiamo fare utili sempre! organizzato da Sinergia insieme al consorzio italiano di aziende manifatturiere Made4DIY.

Young Resources

Published in Lavora con noi
23 October 2014

“If young people do not find a job in Italy, our country has no future” (quote of the President of the Italian Republic).

The inclusion of young employees within its team is for Sinergia source of a mutual satisfaction: the young graduates and undergraduates can enrich their CV and professional skills while Sinergia it is contaminated with their energy.

In this section of the website we insert the profiles of all young trainees along with the outcome of their training:

Open Positions

Published in Lavora con noi
23 October 2014

Sinergia is the ideal landing place for young graduates who believe:

  • In work as a gratification element
  • In meritocracy
  • In the chance to work in the place where they were born/have chosen to live having a good balance between personal life and work life

Working enviroment

Published in Lavora con noi
23 October 2014

The work is a challenge here at Sinergia, and this is what gives satisfaction. A job cannot only be used to make a living. It is also the source of our personal fulfillment, of our happiness and personal development. Working in Sinergia represents one of the fundamental elements to achieve a successful working life and to assess the ways in which professional, family and private life can be well combined.

The history

Published in Conosci Sinergia
23 October 2014

Sinergia is a Business Management Company founded in January 2005 by professionals with ten-year’ experience operating in improving the competitiveness of private companies and public administrations through multidisciplinary approaches: strategic planning, programming and control, and computerization.

Vision and Mission

Published in Conosci Sinergia
23 October 2014


We help customers to improve their competitiveness. We promote projects and continuous improvement processes in every organization, for each person and we provide a Sinergia-solution for each of them.