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LT (Lean Technology)

23 October 2014
Published in Servizi

The Lean Technology Service provides organizational and technological tools, mainly ITC based to increase competitiveness, productivity and efficiency, necessary for achieving better performances and lower costs. By virtue of the fact that the market demands to the companies a high level of customisation, Sinergia creates a “tailored” solution starting from customer’s needs and accompanying him in change management.

While on one hand, globalisation has created huge development opportunities to our companies, on the other hand has led to the need to tackle a wide range of new competitors.

More and more, the tendency of Italian companies is to offer the market an innovative and highly personalised product or a high-level service to the customer with a view to differentiate with the respect to the competitors, mainly international, without setting on a price war, which would mean for them be defeated since the beginning.

This has led to a dramatic increase in business complexity, and it makes therefore necessary to improve the organisation and to take action on issues such as, for example:

  1. Reduction of cost estimation time and delivery
  2. Product customization and flexibility in production
  3. Reduction of inventory stocks
  4. Costs control


What the LT service consists of?

Management and organizational consultant and IT experts will work with you and with your IT area to employ customized technologies, in order to promote efficiency through:

  1. Analysis of the existing situation, mapping the primary processes and the support processes
  2. Identification of critical issues and areas for potential improvement
  3. Study of solutions and process re-design in an organic manner
  4. Change implementation and testing of the solution
  5. Staff training and assistance until objective achievement

Some successful examples in which we have gained cross-industry experience:

  • Automatic cost estimation
  • Computerized orders management and link to the items technical specifications
  • Production launch and production documentation management
  • Link between technical specifications in the technical office and the automated equipement of the production facility
  • Production data collection and advanced data analysis (efficiency gains, non-compliance…)
  • Shipping process automation and inventory management
  • Final cost statement and product cost assignment process
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