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EP (European Projects, development and innovation)

23 October 2014
Published in Servizi

The service European Projects, Development and Innovation was created with the aim of providing to organisations the opportunity to manage in outsourcing the activities of planning, coordination and management of the projects financed by the European Commission or by Public Administrations, using in an integrated manner within its organizational structure, complete and high-skilled professionalism.

What the EP service consists of?

Sinergia, through a multidisciplinary team of professionals, helps Public Administrations and private companies in finding the necessary funding for their development and innovation. We investigate various financing instruments: public and private at local, regional, national and European level and we do design successful proposals.

The two main areas where the service European Projects, development and innovation carries out its activity are: European Structural Funds and Research and Development Projects (Horizon 2020).

Why entrust us with the assignment?

As regards the structural funds, we work within the main European Union funding programmes: IPA ADRIATIC, CEF TEN-T, LIFE, etc. and we are constantly updated with regard to regional funds POR, FESR, FSE. We plan and manage projects effectively; we monitor the impacts with the aim of transferring them to the local industrial fabric.

As regards the research projects, we support our customers in setting up a successful proposal and in connecting it to the request of innovating organization, processes and products on the market. Sinergia is able to give the maximum of its own value in the proposals where it is directly involved as a technical partner in ICT areas.

In both areas Structural Funds and Research-Innovation, we support the organizations during the entire project lifecycle and during the audits with a team able to deal with:

  1. Management, coordination and technical assistance
  2. Financial management and reporting
  3. Monitoring and evaluation
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