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ICS (Internal Control Systems & Risk Management)

23 October 2014
Published in Servizi

Make the customers generate profits consistently over time. Sinergia is committed in supporting entrepreneurs, directors and managers in improving competitiveness by placing the organizations in the conditions to give more added value to the customers while keeping costs down.

The target of ICS (Internal Control Systems & Risk Management)

Since 2008, the year when the economic paradigm has changed and the Fords laws have lost some of their strength for the western world, it is necessary to innovate organization, processes and products to return to being competitive again and make profits consistently over time.

The future is “crafted-industrial” in the sense that the products should appear well-made and well-finished as they were “handmade” but fairly expensive as only the industry can do.

Note: the Fords laws, for those countries with high population and GDP growth potential, are still valid (e.g. BRIC: Brazil, Russia, India and China). In those countries, the population needs a lot of goods and services that had not before, “we already have everything in our homes”, we seek what we have not, and we seek goods and better services than what we already have or use.

What the ICS service consists of?

The service is composed of two complementary lines of actions:

  1. Performance Improvement;
  2. Risk Management;

PI, Performance Improvement

We support companies in the implementation and / or improvement of the following processes: Marketing, Planning, Sales, Commercial, Purchasing, Production, Logistics and Administration (the value chain).

To improve performance we mainly use two instruments:

  1. The Technology (i.e. the art of making things faster): mainly ICT to make lean and efficient all the processes linked to the value chain up to create ad-hoc ERPs modules connected to the main ERP or, in extreme cases, to implement “custom-made” ERP (small businesses or business for which there are no ERP).
  2. The Management (i.e. the art of doing things well): Mission, Vision, Strategies, Business-Plan, Organograms, Budget (institutional and strategic), Improvement Projects, Balanced Scorecad, a Control panel of performance processes, Job Description, Process Flows.

RM, Risk Management

We support companies in the implementation and in the improvement of the following tools: risk assessment, improvement plans for risk reduction, the monitoring and supervision of processes and of the compliance with procedures up to the drafting of documents (manuals, procedures, operational instructions and modules).

Such tools are used for the so-called “staff” functions to keep risks under control: Management Control, the Quality, Environment and Safety.


We know that in business there cannot be effective without efficiency so we put you in the condition of “getting more while struggling less”:

THE TECHNOLOGY THAT WE OWN: we use the software Sinergia_TR (Time Register), to improve the efficiency of indirect personnel for the tasks assignment to the personnel and for sharing time-management mode (Lean Office).

A MIXED TEAM COMPANY-CONSULTANT: to release synergy in a team, everyone needs to know the subject in which he can make a decisive contribution. While we believe it is useful that are the administrators and business managers to have the government of the strategies and objectives (unless we are asked for support), on the other hand we believe that is Sinergia, which has personnel specialized in Business Administration and Management System, that has to indicate the most appropriate ways to make profits consistently over time.

THE WIDESPREAD LEADERSHIP IN THE COMPANY’S STAFF: every person working in the company must be a key player of its own future. Therefore, in assigning objectives, responsibilities and tasks within the enterprise, we make sure that the organization’s strength it is entrusted to every single person (every worker must perform his or her service as if it was the company's CEO).

CERTIFICATION AND LEGAL PREVENTION (CLP): management and organizational consultants and professional auditors will work with you and with your certification area, to lead to certification the management system according to ISO9001 (for customer satisfaction and for keeping under control the legal, criminal, civil and of the product risks); to ISO14001 (for the ecosystem protection and for keeping under control the legal, criminal, civil and environmental risks); to BS OHSAS18001 (for the protection of workers and keeping under control the legal, criminal, civil and the workplace risks); to SA8000 (for the workers satisfaction, and keeping under control the legal, criminal, civil and the labour law risks); to FSC and PEFC (to protect forests and keeping under control the legal, criminal, civil and the illegal use of timber risks); to ISO50001 (for the reduction of energy consumption). Within this service, we use technology to computerize and/or digitize all the information using every resource at customer disposal and/or including the technologies, which Sinergia owns e.g. Sinergia_SGIA, the portal for the management of the action plans, of the deadlines, of records and documents.

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